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SKUDIA Designs

It all started with a desire for more creativity and a means to channel it. I studied graphic design in Melbourne and have worked in the industry as a designer for over 20 years.

Not completely satisfied with expressing my creativity on a computer and with the urging desire to explore different design disciplines using my hands, Skudia Designs evolved.

A majority of the materials I use are reclaimed and recycled. These materials which could have otherwise been discarded, give a new life to something. My creations are unique and have a quirky style - something a little bit different.

Taking inspiration from everyday life, Skudia Designs creates objects that will be a conversation starter, a talking point that people may wear, put on display and enjoy.

If there is anything on this website that you would like to know more about, or if an item is not available through my store (, please contact me with any queries.


Have a look at my freelance graphic design site at and also check out my sisters amazing artwork at

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